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Things will sky rocket!

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Things will sky rocket!

Renovate, redesign, update but never change the essence. We have seen many internationally known name brands take a risk and change their logos, this to make it appealing to the up and coming customer. Markets change and so do generations of new consumers. This was the case of Volvac, a brand of many years in the animal health industry. They decided it was time to freshen up, since one of the most important brand values is “Value true innovation” so it was time to put it into practice not only in their research or products but also in its appearance. So our team and favorite designer thought a of a simpler yet assertive and avant-garde look, they decided to stay true to its green color which dressed their products in almost every package, giving it a little twist by fusing the letter “V” and a bird, this so the brand would speak for itself as to whom it is directed to and for whom its products are.

“You either make it or you break it” but with comprehensive análisis and creativity, things will sky rocket!